AUFC Soccer Cage Fun

AUFC Soccer Cage Fun

The players need to play the game to establish confidence and practice technical skills. Let the players play and enjoy the sport without the added pressure of performing from coaches and parents. Players show up, form teams and play games. Coaches are there for organization and occasional guidance and parents are there to watch and enjoy, quietly.


This environment creates an atmosphere of “street soccer” which is something our players usually don’t get to experience too often. The “street soccer” environment is conducive for their development as a player, because it allows room for creativity and to make mistakes without any critique. That on the other hand allows them to learn and improve.


We designed and built the soccer cage with this philosophy in mind. The cage will also give us an opportunity to hone the players skills through special designed skills sessions. We have incorporated many technique apparatus into the cage.


You can look forward to many small sided league play opportunities. This not only applies to our youth players. There will be adult leagues with the parents in mind.

  • Location: Jewish Community Center
  • Times and Fees: Contact us 505.239.5279