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Competitiveness – Development – Excellence – Integrity

The Girls Academy is the leading youth development platform for the best female soccer players in the United States U13-U19. The GA is committed to cultivating an environment that empowers each player to reach their potential as an athlete and human being.

In addition to leading the field in competitive play, the GA is the only national youth soccer platform that actively promotes and engages the voice of the players.  This collaborative approach creates an unparalleled opportunity for players to take a leadership role in steering the league and their own soccer career.


What can you expect from playing in this national league?

  • Experiencing the highest level of competition every game
  • Experiencing a training environment that consistently challenges player and promotes profound growth in all components; technical, tactical, physical, and mental 
  • Experiencing a courageous mindset culture where players are expected to hold themselves accountable through self-evaluation and continuous feedback
  • Experiencing an athlete centered platform for players to grow in the game and as people 
  • Experiencing a limitless, infinite approach to striving for excellence 
  • Experiencing exposure to college coaches national team scouts on a consistent basis. 
  • Experiencing the process of an Individual Development Plan to be created by each player and their coach
  • Experience a customized sports performance plan  

What does that mean for me? 

  • Club registration cost will increase for players that aspire to playing at the highest level
  • There will be an increase in travel to allow for more competitive playing opportunities 
  • More exposure to college coaches and resources to support the college search process 

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