Technical Director

Stephanie Coppola - Technical Director

A message from Stef :

I moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico with my family in 1996 and have lived here ever since. My first job coaching soccer in New Mexico happened earlier than that. When I was 21 years old and in college, I was playing adult league soccer in the summers to stay in shape for college ball. Once during a game I met the athletic director of a local high school and he invited me to interview for the girls varsity soccer head coach position. I did, I got the job, and I was hooked for eternity.
I feel extremely blessed to be able to coach soccer. It is the most beautiful game played by the most amazing athletes/people. If I can give back to the game even a fraction of what it has given me, I’ll be very happy.

Coaching Experience

  • National A License from USSF
  • Stanford University ’84
C: 505-660-7279   | E:

Timbers and Thorns Directors

JR Quintana - Timbers DOC

A message from JR:

I was given my first opportunity to coach soccer at Hope Middle School.  l coached for three years and helped direct their new soccer program. I have been coaching at AUFC for the last eight years starting at the U17 age group, then moved to the U12’s and have continued to move up with them now at the U14 age level. I have played competitive soccer since I was 7yrs old through Duke City League, high school, then adult league premier division. I enjoy teaching our youth the game of soccer, to have the passion and desire to better themselves, and to have lifelong skills to become positive influences as they enter the game of life.

Coaching Experience

  • 10 Years Coaching Experience
  • Hope Christian Middle School soccer coach/director
  • National F License from USSF

C: 505-250-8486  | E:

Andrew Murphy - Thorns DOC

About Andrew:

Andrew Murphy joins us from Idaho in 2022. After finishing his bachelors at Idaho State University in Marketing and Management and working as a GA for their D1 women’s program, he continues his education studying for his MBA after moving to Albuquerque. His love for soccer is only matched by his love for his family, friends, and dogs.

Coaching Experience

  • GA at Idaho State University
  • National C License from USSF
  • USC Level 1 & 2 Goalkeeping Licenses

C: 208-760-7318  | E:

Bethany Lebel - Associate DOC for Timbers/Thorns

About Beth:

Beth arrives in the Land Of Enchantment by way of Maine. After finishing her bachelors degree and a successful run in D3 soccer and lacrosse at the University of Maine at Farmington, she returned to the University to become the assistant women’s soccer coach as well as head women’s lacrosse coach. From there she became the assistant women’s soccer coach at Colby College and the interim head coach for the 2021 season. Her most recent move to NM brings her to AUFC along with joining the UNM women’s soccer coaching staff as the volunteer goalkeeper coach.

Coaching Experience

  • USC Level 1 Goalkeeping License
  • National D License from USSF

C: 207-713-5644  | E:

Youth Development Academy

William Seward - YDA Communications Coordinator

About William:

William grew up in Houston, Texas and played soccer at the club and high school level. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Earth Science from Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania and studied abroad at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, United Kingdom. After settling back in Houston and working for six years in chemical manufacturing, he transitioned to a career in education as a sixth and seventh grade reading and writing teacher. In his first year of teaching, he started the Northbrook Middle School Soccer Club, an after school program open to all students interested in soccer, and he became the Head Eighth Grade Boys’ Soccer Coach. He moved to New Mexico in the summer of 2022 and completed his US Soccer D License certification. William was fortunate enough to have youth coaches who helped him fall in love with the game, and he wants to be one of those coaches for the next generation of young players.

Coaching Experience

  • 5 years coaching experience

  • National D License from USSF

C: 713-775-1528 | E:


Patrick Schmittdiel - Timbers/Thorns Director of Goalkeeping

C: 828-507-6967  | E:

College Coordinator

Paul Maestas - College Coordinator

C: 505-450-6278 | E:

Social Media

Shane Zeigler - Social Media Director

About Shane:

Shane Zeigler is an Albuquerque native and AUFC alum from the late 90’s. He has his bachelors from the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. He is currently residing in Los Angeles, California.