Player Spotlight: Elena Dunn & Kennedy King

October 8th, 2020 by admin

At AUFC Timbers & Thorns, we are extremely privileged to boast a truly unique and amazing membership of young people. In recognition of this gift, we would like to celebrate individuals throughout the year. We will post on a regular basis a short bio and photos of members that are making an exceptional impact in and out of soccer. We will highlight players of all ages, from both sides of the club. If you know of someone you would like to honor, please reach out to Stephanie Coppola at and share the details with her. 

Thank you and welcome to a different side of club soccer!

Elena Dunn
AUFC Thorns 04′ White
Class of 2023

Social injustice is not something new, and it breaks my heart. So this summer, with time on my hands and all the necessary materials, I decided to make beaded bracelets and sell them for $5. Once I had collected over $400, I donated the profits to organizations supporting people affected by social injustice. When my friends asked me about my project, I shared my viewpoints and encouraged them to get involved in causes that meant something to them.
Not everyone agrees on what is important, but most everyone believes we can all do better. I ended up donating half of the money I raised to The Bail Project and the other half to the Black Lives Matter Global Network. Both organizations have existed for a while, but they have recently been recognized for the work they are doing to rectify social injustice. Fighting for causes is not always easy, but I feel that it so necessary. As a young person with lots to be thankful for (soccer for sure), I will always be passionate about standing up for equality and justice for all people.

Kennedy King
AUFC Thorns 04′ Red
Class of 2022

Kennedy King is a High School Junior who enjoys competitive athletics. She is passionate about her family and participating in community service projects. She has been playing soccer for 10 years, and enjoys not only representing AUFC, but also being  part of a team.  Kennedy also competes in tennis and swim, and is a homeschooled 4.0 student. Kennedy is excited about school and understands the importance of balance between education and athletics. She has travelled outside her country on three different mission trips and appreciates the freedoms that are afforded to her as an athlete and a woman in America. Being the oldest of 5 has taught her responsibility and that service is an integral part of everyday life.